Est. 2007 in Prague, American photographer Kurt Vinion is internationally renowned for creating timeless & elegant weddings and portraits. Images that not only showcase how great you two look, but more importantly - capture the essence of that very special time in your lives together.


Kurt's background as a photojournalist ensures that he will capture honest, emotive images - images that will be cherished for generations. And no worries, if you wish to have a more posed or even a stylized portrait session - he can do that too and he is especially confident that you will absolutely love the results.


Kurt's weddings & portrait sessions have been featured in:  Fab You Bliss.   Asia Wedding Guide!    Ireland's Wedding Online    CS (Chicago Modern Luxury Brides)    The Perfect Pose!     Real Life Weddings  Engaged Magazine and his work is heavily featured in The City of Prague marketing campaign as well as its international Prague Wedding Guide.

Additionally, Kurt's wedding photography has been featured on the BBC, Good Morning America and yes, even the Oprah Winfrey show.


With an international award-winning background (Best of Photojournalism, Czech Press Photo, KNPA Sports Photographer of the year as well as others) as a magazine, reportage, and celebrity portrait photographer -   Kurt Vinion is highly sought after for his clean, modern and creative approach to creating weddings & pre-wedding portrait sessions in not only Europe, but also in the USA as well as in Hong Kong. 





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A proud member of the British Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers as well as The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, American photographer Kurt Vinion is the only member selected to both organizations in the Czech Republic.  




Kurt Vinion has previously worked as a magazine, reportage and celebrity portrait photographer for news organizations such as: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Stern, Spiegel, Financial Times  and also as a contract photographer for GETTY IMAGES & Wire Image.

Kurt's international reportages are represented under Getty Images Orchard Photographers. Before he was a photojournalist in Europe he was a very young Director of Photography at the University of Louisvlle Atheletic Dept.

Kurt has also served as a mamber of the official photographer(s) of the Kentucky Derby, The Breeders Cup as well as the official Muhamad Ali Foundation photographer, plus he was a contract photographer for the PGA Tour and even covered a few assisgnments for REUTERS in the USA.

 Kurt has also served as the official photographer for the Laureus World Sport Awards in Germany.







Kurt's many international photojournalism awards include two coveted

1st place awards in 'The Best of Photojournalism' as well as a hand full of  Czech Press Photo awards. The KNPA  Sports Photographer of the Year award, as well as many other international awards and honors. 





English bulldogs, good coffee, the gym, art books, photography books, Cohen bros films, vintage cars & Triumph Motorcycles, Fellini, those unknown beaches of Thailand & Cambodia,  Jazz, Electronica, House & Psy Trance and the love of my life and my beautiful know-it-all children are those things that I truly enjoy. And yes, creating beautiful things that come from the heart and seeing the smile on a couples face when they see themselves captured by me for the first time. Those are the things I love and truly enjoy...



How am I to deal with? I am rather laid back (though I am fussy about my work) and humbled by the many things I have seen in my life - I have spent too much time working with and for those 'super cool awesome award-winning' ego driven photographers to realize that - I am not interested in being the centre of attention on ones wedding day.   I enjoy life and wish to capture those moments that define us - all of us and if I can do it in a beautiful, creative artistic way  - I am very happy.  

Anyone can take a picture - but to capture what that special moment in time felt like is something I strive to do every time I pick up the camera. In essence, I am still learning, evolving and growing as a human being and yes as an artist... 




As an American who has spent most of my life living in Europe I always wanted to get back here as my outlook is more European.  A chance opportunity presented itself and I found myself working in Prague as a photojournalist. It was an incredible ride one that had many ups and also many downs as capturing human misery can take its toll on you. Thankfully I fell in to a type of photography that draws upon my skill set and experience and also opened up many new doors: weddings & portraits.  To fall in love, share a life and bring new life into the world is something that should never be taken for granted and as a photographer those moments are truly special and ones that are to be cherished. An unexpected bonus:  I am now photographing the same couples whose wedding day I previously captured, but now I am photographing them with their children. For me that is truly awesome!





My work is pretty straight forward as I really do wish for them to stand the test of time - so sorry, no fake sunbursts popping out of buildings or huge Orange or Yellow balls or making your skin Orange or Yellow because it looks 'arty'. If you see a sun flare in my photos it is because it is really there. I prefer a more polished look, prefect skin, classy posing (if it is what our clietns want) beautifully exposed images and a touch of class and elegance. Yeah, I am a bit old school... 




Posing is a truly subjective area - some love it and some hate it. I was taught by a master photographer in Ireland who obsessed about hands, hips, the angle of the faces and everything that had to do with creating a perfectly posed and executed high society portrait. I learned much from him and will always be thankful for the insightful 'old school education' he provided me (and for free - thanks Edmund).  Truth be told, I appreciate that style as it does represent a bygone era of class and sophistication. It will undoubtedly return (for some VIP and high end couples it has really never  left as this is what they desire) as there are only so many photos you can have of each other hugging in the very center of the frame with no depth of field or throwing your hair around or jumping up and down.  Just like fashion - everything goes in circles and that style will certainly come back but thankfully with a more modern esthetic.




I started photographing weddings professionally in 2008 after a fellow journalist demanded that I fly half way around the world to photograph her wedding in San Diego. When I exclaimed that I was NOT a wedding photographer she said that is exactly why she wanted me.  They made a crazy offer (he was a banker on Wall Street and this was before the crash) How was I to resist?  Plus she is a sweet heart of a lady and if she wanted me that badly who am I to say no? A few months later I was in Italy photographing another friend's wedding and I was truly hooked. Perhaps it was when I photographed my daughter (at age 3) running around at the chateau during the wedding dancing and also seeing the bride tear up after she viewed the back of the camera that broke me from hating wedding photography? The reality is - creating and capturing the kind of moments that occur during ones wedding day is something I have been professionaly trained to do. Those mometns are also priceless - capturing misery and winning awards as a photojournalist  - felt terribly empty...  Being a wedding photographer is the reverse of that - to capture people in love and the moment when two families join together is quite humbling.

The truth is my reportages and the wonderful people I have met along the way are something I will always cherish  and be proud of.  Especially knowing that children were adopted from an orphanage in the Ukraine after couples had seen their plight is a real accomplishment that can never be topped.



Prague, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Venice, Cesky Krumlov, Santorini, Dublin, Hong Kong are just some of the wonderful places I have photographed weddings and pre-weddings.



If you are looking for a true professional photographer who can create a stunning collection of  pre-wedding & lifestyle portaits and in your style - one that fits your personalities then Kurt Vinion is right for you. I strive to create individually stylistic images that suit your taste and personalities. Whether a more elegant portrait session in the middle of s snowstorm in Prague, or a stunning pre wedding session at the Château de Rambouillet or along the Champs Elysees in Paris, or perhaps a more laid back portrait session in front of the Roman Colosseum in Rome – I not only have the experience but the ability to create the most beautiful and striking portraits no matter the situation.





Looking for a destination wedding photographer avaiable in: Italy, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and N. Ireland? If so I would enjoy hearing more about what your wedding day and more importantly what we can do for you - after all every couple is different.





To better serve you, please feel free to contact us and tell us a bit about your needs, the date(s), location and any special requests. Please note that to give myself and my staff some time off we are not usually reachable on Sunday's & Monday's.




Pre-Wedding Photography Europe | Austria | Czech Republic | France | Greece | Ireland I Italy | Iceland | Slovakia | Spain




We are available to photograph your overseas engagement pre-wedding photography & lifestyle portrait session in many towns & cities across Europe at the most popular pre-wedding photography destination countries.




All these countries feature truly fantastic destinations for couples wishing for the very best pre-wedding photo session. Many of these locations also have natural beauty and amazing architecture.




Pre-Wedding Photography Austria | Vienna, regions


Pre-Wedding Photography Czech Republic | Prague, Cesky Krumlov, regions


Pre-Wedding Photography France | Paris, regions


Pre-Wedding Photography Greece | Athens, Thessaloniki


Pre-Wedding Photography Iceland I Reykjavik, regions


Pre-Wedding Photography Ireland I Dublin, Galway, Connemara, regions


Pre-Wedding Photography Italy | Bologna, Brindisi, Catania, Capri, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Palermo, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona.


Pre-Wedding Photography Spain | Alicante, Barcelona, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Madrid, Malaga, Majorca, Seville, Valencia.


Pre-Wedding Photography Slovakia | Bratislava, regions




Pre-Wedding Photography Package for Europe


8 hours photography -  for some locations split sessions are possible


On-location natural artistic styled portrait photography as well as lit portraits


2-3 working days preparing and enhancing the pre-wedding photographs.


All files are created in Capture One Pro - the highest standard in professionally photography


All the finest & edited images from the pre-wedding shoot will be provided. A selection of your favorite 100 images chosen by you will be artistically enhanced and retouched to our standard.


The edited files are in high resolution and can be used for making your own prints.


Password protected online gallery for you to review your images and select your favorites (up to 300 images will be created and provided)


8x10 leatherette, 10 spreads, hard back, lay flat book featuring real archival photographic paper designed with your favorite images, up to 3 free revisions on the design


Inclusive of all photographers travel expenses.




Price EUR 2100 | Austria | Czech Republic | France | Ireland | Italy | Slovakia |  Spain


Prices for Greece & Iceland tbd




Optional Extras: hours, prints & album


Extra hours EUR 250 per hour.


Your selected 100 images printed in 10x15cm prints presented in an exclusive custom made Photo Box EUR 200


upgrade your book to a 11x14 leatherette, 20 page (10 spreads), lay flat book featuring real archival photographic paper, designed with your favorite images, up to 3 free revisions on the design – for an 100 EUR





These prices do not cover hair & makeup, dress & tuxedo rental – these prices are for photography and the travel only.